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May General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

8 May 2019
Held at Harrington Grove Country Club

The meeting was opened at 6.43pm.

1            Welcome – Shaun Pereira, President

Shaun welcomed everyone to the May meeting – VIPs, life members, Chamber members, guests and acknowledged and thanked the panel of guest speakers – John Fairley, Ed Biel and Tony Biffin.  Shaun also welcomed the CEO of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce, Wally Mehanna.  Shaun acknowledged the nights sponsors – Pro Axle.

2            Apologies

Sue Robinson – The Strictly Limited Company
Renee Garcia – CRG Plumbing
Lyndal Bruce – Lifeline Macarthur
Sarah Reid – Reid Legal
Brett & Melinda Hayter – Hayters Dairy

3            Board Introductions

Shaun introduced the current Board members present – Pania Gregson (VP General), Jean Galloway (Secretary), Amy Woodley (Treasurer), Kaisha Gambell (Marketing Director), and Leanne Wolf (Events Director).

Shaun invited members and guests to introduce themselves to the Board members and raise with them any suggestions or concerns.

4            President’s Report

Shaun advised:

  • On Thursday, 2 May TGNBC had a Welcome to Chamber evening for new members.  It was a great, energetic gathering with excellent feedback.
  • Congratulations to Camden Councillor Theresa Fedeli on her recent election as Mayor of Camden, and Councillor Robert Mills as Deputy Mayor.
  • He attended the Camden RSL Sub Branch Dawn Service on Anzac Day along with a number of other members of the Board and the Chamber.
  • Congratulations to Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers for making the 2019 Australasian Lawyer’s Innovative Firms list.
  • Congratulations to Hillross Macarthur on 20 years in business.

5            Secretary’s Report – Jean Galloway, Secretary

Jean advised the Minutes from 10 April 2019 were on the website and were moved by Amy Woodley, seconded by Leanne Wolf and accepted.  No business was arising from those Minutes.

6            Treasurer’s Report – Amy Woodley, Treasurer

Amy presented the Treasurer’s Report as at 30 April 2019.  Currently held in the High Interest Saver Account is $106,687.  Currently held in the General Account is $5,010.  Year To Date Surplus is $14,659.  The report was moved by Ian Wolf, seconded by Jean Galloway and accepted.

7            Membership Update – Amy Woodley

Currently 188 financial members. 

A reminder that a lot of renewals are coming up in the next couple of months so please when the reminders come out, make sure they get paid to keep your membership current.

Member’s spotlights drawn in April were introduced – Camden Valley Motors, Reid Legal and LJ Hooker Commercial Macarthur.  Unfortunately none were present to present their business spotlights.

Member spotlights for the June meeting are Maytek IT, CBA and Imageology.

Members Facebook promo draw – Peter Roberts (Oakworth Homes).

8            Christmas in Narellan Update – Ian Wolf, Chairman

Ian advised that CIN is only 6 months away.

Planning is well underway

This year the Committee wanted a feeling like “A Day on the Green” so no major headline act, instead plenty of great entertainment continuously.

9            Business Tip – Kaisha Gambell of Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers

Things to keep in mind regarding Wills & Estates as a business owner:

  • Sole Trader
    • You own the business assets
    • The business well end on your death
    • The business assets form part of your estate
    • Your estate is responsible for payment of any outstanding business debts
  • Partnership
    • The partnership owns the business assets
    • The partnership will end on your death
    • Your share of the partnership forms part of your estate
    • Consider a “Partnership Agreement” to allow the business to continue
  • Company – Sole Director/Shareholder
    • The company owns the business assets
    • Your executor can appoint a new director
    • Your shares in the company form part of your estate
    • Carefully consider who you choose to be your Executor
  • Company – multiple Directors/Shareholders
    • The company owns the business assets
    • The other directors can continue to run the business
    • Your shares in the company form part of your estate
    • Consider a “Shareholder Agreement” or “Buy/Sell Agreement”
  • Trusts
    • The trust owns the business assets
    • The business assets do not form part of your estate
    • If you are the Trustee of the trust, you can specify who will control the trust after your death
  • Next Steps
    • Sole Trader – You need a Will
    • Partnership – You and your business partner need a Will.  Consider a Partnership Agreement
    • Company – You and the other directors and shareholders need a Will.  You need to look at your corporate governance and consider a Shareholder Agreement or Buy/Sell Agreement
    • Trust – You need to review the Trust Deed

10          What’s On – Elisha Crismale

Elisha advised the following upcoming events:

  • SWSBEC Workshops – 13th May & 23rd May
  • Campbelltown Chamber May meeting – 15th May
  • OCAGI High Tea for a Cause – Saturday 18th May
  • Narellan Chamber Members Social Drinks – Friday 31st May 5pm-7pm Gregory Hills Hotel
  • Narellan Chamber – June meeting – 12th June
  • Youth Solutions Charity Event – 27th July
  • OCAGI Night of Knights – 17th August

11          Local Update – Shaun Pereira

Brett McGrath and Adriana Care updated the Chamber on the developments of the South West Justice Precinct.  They are both Board Members of the Law Society.

What can we do to help:

  • Contact your MP via letter, email or phone
  • Share your story
  • Spread the word and share the campaign

Further details are available on the website at

12          Sponsorship Update – Kaisha Gambell

Kaisha introduced the new Sponsorship packages for 2019/2020:

  • Gold      $6,500 + GST    9 available
  • Silver    $2,500 + GST    9 available
  • Bronze $1,200 + GST    9 available

Kaisha introduced the nights Silver Sponsor for their presentation:

  • Pro Axle

13          Through Our Farmers Eyes Panel – Moderator, Ian Wolf

Ian welcomed the panel to the stage:

Tony Biffin – Dairy Farmer – Cawdor

John Fairley – Dairy Farmer – Picton

Ed Biel – Fruit Grower – Oakdale

Brett Hayter – Dairy Farmer – Werombi (Apologies as cows on the farm needed attending to)

Q     At its worst point, how has the drought affected you?

John F – Crops in and no rain, so no crops = no feed.  $250 tonne up to $500 tonne in the last 2-3 days

Ed B – Had to irrigate constantly from bores.  Fruit size smaller and more expensive.

Tony B – Caught in dairy depression.  Personally restructuring.

Q     In this drought, many farmers have come up with ideas to get through.

John F – Post on Facebook to adopt the cows.  Had I for 1 month as a draft and then pushed go and was inundated with the support.  At that stage not many people were talking about drought.

Ed B – Invested in drilling 2 bores on the property in the aquafers.

Tony B – Identified everything with a fine tooth comb, concentrated on animal welfare.  Had built solid relationships with suppliers.

Q     Many organisations (Narellan Rotary, Dilly Drought Drive, CWA Rapid Relief Team, Rural Aid, Buy a Bale) set up to assist.  Have you received any of this assistance?  Has this allowed you to do what you might not have been able to do?

John F – Facebook adopt only.  Out west still so dry.  Keep donating.  Warped price of milk tearing the industry apart.  Milk being carted everywhere to cover the shortage.

Ed B – Been able to get through ourselves at this stage.  Very few orchards left.

Tony B – Have received a lot of assistance.  Totally dependent on the farm for a living.  The response of generosity to the drought by the community has been amazing.  Thank you to Dilly Drought Drive, Narellan Rotary, Tahmoor Mine, CWA & Rapid Relief Team, Rural Aid and a lot of individuals.

Q     Have your predecessors been able to drought proof, possibly keep records to indicate patterns?

John F – Its more intense now ie Picton floods 2 years before then now this drought.  20 year supply to no feed in the country.

Ed B – Brought our property 33 years ago undeveloped and made it into an orchard.  Have got rainfall records of 50-60 years and there is no discernible pattern.  Ed’s records of temperatures show gradual rise in temperature in Oakdale.

Tony B – Been on our property for 110 years and nearby for 180 years.  Only completely run out 3 times in 110 years – in the ‘40’s, 2008 and now.  Cant pick any patterns other than you know the next one’s coming and its just around the corner. 

In 110 years, Tony Biffin is 4th generation to work his farm full time.

John Fairley’s family have farmed their land since 1855.

Ed Beal has farmed their property for 33 years now – none of the family interested in taking it over.

TGNBC are donating $2,000 to the farmers charities of choice:

  • Dilly Drought Drive; and
  • CWA.

Shaun and Leanne Wolf presented the panel with thank you gifts.

14          Lucky Door Prizes

Donated and won by:

OCAGI                                 Kerryn of Abacare Counselling

Pro Axle                             Matt of Hub Insurance

                                             Ken of Club Menangle

                                             Stefanija of Clintons

                                             Michael of RAMS Home Loans

15          Closing Remarks – Shaun Pereira

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 12 June 2019 at Harrington Grove Country Club and the speaker is Andrew Lock speaking on Summit Secrets – High Performance and the Highest Altitudes.  Book Early.  Arrival from 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start.

Shaun thanked everyone for another great meeting – Tony Wolf, Leanne Wolf, the Executive Team, Nat from Absolutely Fabulous and Harrington Grove for all their work to make it happen.  He also thanked everyone in attendance for coming along and bringing guests.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.04pm.

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