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May 2024 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

8th May 2024

Held at Woodlands Harrington Grove

Meeting opened at 6:33pm

Welcome – Vice President – Roland Blackstone.

Roland welcomed our VIPS Tony Perich AM Life Member and his wife Cathy Perich and Adriana Care life member. Also welcomed Shefali President of Campbelltown Chamber, and guest speaker Sarah Bauling.


Anne Parnham

Ian and Leanne Wolf

Confirmed that all reports are on Chamber website.

Membership update – Sandra Bartlett

Member Spotlight presentation

  • Joshua Costlow – Marsdens Law Group

New member introduction

  • Kelly Grasso – Camden Markets 2570 – Kelly confirmed next event is on 26 May. It’s a baby and kids expo.
  • Christian Fisk – Relialink IT Services
  • Vivienne Cruikshank – IC Care
  • Brian Shortt – IP Solved (ANZ) Pty Ltd
  • Antonella Ianni – Advanced Conveyancing & Developments
  • Anthony Di Maio – ADM Projects Pty Ltd
  • Kate Rafton – Rafton Family Lawyers (Apology).

Sponsorship presentations – Introduced by Sandra Bartlett

Silver sponsors – Jason from Greenfields Development – 10 minute presentation

Silver sponsors – Access Law Group (they were an apology however Sandra Bartlett went through their presentation) – 5 minute presentation.

Silver sponsors – John Payne from Gregory Hills Hotel – 5 minute presentation

In-Kind sponsor – Ian Wolf from Tony Wolf & Sons (Ian was an apology so Sandra Bartlett presented) – 2 minute presentation

In-Kind sponsor – Tony Bonnano from Private Drivers Online – 2 minute presentation.

What’s on – Roland Blackstone

Details are on the Chambers website however noted:

  • Youth Solutions Ladies Movie Night – 20 May
  • The Blind Sea premiere – 11 June (Daniel from Brick Studios put this together)
  • Lifeline Gala – 22 June
  • Black & White Ball
  • South Western Sydney Awards
  • Kids of Macarthur Ball in June. Tickets sold out however raffle tickets are still available to purchase to contribute to this event.
  • Kids of Macarthur also have a gift wrapping service for Mother’s Day from Thursday to Saturday at Macarthur Square.  

NETWORKING BREAK –  no table introductions tonight. Everyone was encouraged to speak to three people they have not spoken to – finished at 7:32pm

Sarah Bauling – The Perfect Pitch – Introduced by Carla

Carla spoke about the perfect pitch and how to create your perfect pitch.

There are 3 things when we deliver a pitch:

  1. Clarity
  2. Confidence
  3. Connect.

We do it through output (you do) and input (others).

In order to create the perfect pitch, you need to develop, design and deliver (first) and then prepare, practice and polish (second).

There are 8 pillars to get to your perfect pitch.

Tonight focused on the perfect pitch blueprint and also the acrostic pitch.

Q & A segment – two members presented their pitch and Sarah assisted them in refining them and providing her thoughts on their pitch.

Thank you gift was given to Sarah by Carla.

Lucky Door Prize

The wheel was spun. There were a number of winners who were apologies, so the prizes were redrawn.

  • Madelyn Blackley
  • James McGregor

Jason Haworth won the Private Transfer.

Closing Remarks – Roland

Reminded everyone that the sheet with the membership packages was on their table, and encouraged everyone to look at/organize their membership packages.

Roland thanked our sponsors, speaker, venue and attendees.

The next meeting will be 12th June with Gemma Acton presenting at Rydges Campbelltown.

Meeting closed at 8:27pm with further networking.