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February General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

14th February 2023
Held at Camden Valley Inn

The meeting was opened at 6.29 pm

Welcome & President’s Report Anne Parnham, President

Anne welcomed everyone to the meeting including Life Member Tony Perich AM and his wife Cathy, members of Camden Council Leisa & Nicole, Leanne Di’Fazio and Daks Vyas representing Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce, Pania Gregson representing Picton Chamber, and Ian Wolf life member and in-kind sponsor.  Anne also welcomed all members, their guests and our speaker for the evening Allan Pease.

Anne thanked all the sponsors for being part of The Greater Narellan Business Chamber.

Anne noted:

  • that the Chamber is a not-for-profit organisation made up entirely of volunteers and there isn’t anyone standing to gain financially from being on the Board;
  • she introduced the members of the Board and asked them to stand so that members could recognise them if they have any matters to raise;
  • Wendy white the administration assistant since 2018 has stepped down and Carlene Cordona has stepped into the role as of the 13th of February.
  • pamphlets on the tables advising what’s happening around the region.
  • the previous meetings Minutes are on the website, please see Secretary Lisa Hamilton if you have any comments;
  • Any questions please refer them to our Treasurer Karina Rauch.
  • a lot of members do not have their business details on the Chamber’s website, please when you have a moment, go to the website and enter your details so other members can contact you.  
  • the Chamber has a Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page that all members can join, especially the Members Only Facebook page where you can put items of interest for other members to see.’
  • Our Christmas dinner event that was held at Geldswood Winery was a great success, the atmosphere, the venue and the food were a great hit. This Year will be reverting back to our old format and holding our event on a Wednesday not a Friday.
  • We held our first after 5 event in January 2024 at the Gregory Hills hotel, thank you to John for the continued support of both this event and our chamber.
  • The Western Sydney Regional Advisory Council met at Parramatta last week where concerns about housing and the shortage of employees was raised. Initiatives discussed were ‘rent to buy’ and ‘limit foreign investment.’ They are also working with universities to have migrants upskilled and trained to Australian qualification before entering the country.
  • She will be presenting on Thursday 22nd of February at Business NSW Chifley Square on the challenges that businesses are facing within our region of Western Sydney. She invited those with concerns to let her know.
  • Attended lunch with Judy Hannan to discuss what is happening in our area. Invited those with feedback to forward to her chamber email to be presented to Judy Hannan.


Antonella Iani, Sponsorship Director
Rachel Elliott, Events Director

Membership Update – Sandra Bartlett, Membership Director

New member introductions:

  • Experity Capital – Brad Durant [Absent]
  • Abico Insurance Brokers – David North [Absent]
  • Taylor’d Funerals – Karen Taylor [Absent]

Member Spotlight Presentation

  • No presentation at this meeting

Member Spotlight Draw for March 2024

  • Joe Pomenicko 4K Automotive

Member Facebook Draw:

  • No draw completed

Table Introductions – directed by Sandra and Lisa

Sponsorship Update – Presented By Carla Upfill, Meetings Director in Antonella’s absence

Gold Sponsor                 – No presentation required from a Gold Sponsor at this event.

Silver Sponsors               Kelly Partners – Karina Rauch & Kim Meredith Presented

Bronze Sponsor              Pereira Century 21 – Sean Pereira Presented

What’s On – Roland Blackstone, Vice President

  • Campbelltown Chamber’s February Dinner Event with Alistair Marshall  – 21.02.24
    6 PM
  • Our TGIF Social Drinks – 23.02.24 5:30-7:30 PM
  • Youth Solutions Charitea High Tea – 23.02.24
  • Picton Chamber’s February General Meeting (Workshop what can your chamber do for you?) – 28.02.24 6 PM
  • Coleman Greig Lawyers International Women’s Day Event with Lisa Curry – 06.03.24
  • Camden Council International Women’s Day event – 07.03.24 5:30 PM
  • Canterbury Bankstown Chamber 2024 Women In Leadership event – 08.03.24 6 PM
  • Club Menangle’s 4th Birthday Celebrations – 17.03.24
  • Blue Wren House High Tea – 22.03.24 11:30 AM
  • Easter Donation Drive by Austin Buyers Agents
  • Rotary Club if Gregory Hills Golf Day for Escabags 10.04.24 7:15 AM
  • Lifeline 007 Gala – 22.06.24 6 PM

Details about the above What’s On are available on the Chambers website.

Allan Pease Presentation –

Carla introduced Allan Pease – Communicating for results… it’s not what you say!

  • Allan performed an ice breaker, and made attendees shake the person’s hand sitting beside them.
  • Allan spoke about handshakes and how they can be very telling of a person’s personality, dominance seeking or respectful.
  • Discussed the power of a handshake, pressure, consistency, and length.
  • Discussed that in different cultures the strength of the handshake determines the respect level and how many cultures define a weak/not strong handshake to be very respectful.
  • Discussed body language and the art of determining truth.
  • Presented multiple different high-level politicians, world leaders and big news pieces (Lindy Chamberlain) and discussed photographed meetings, speeches, and interviews and how their bodies react in those situations.
  • Discussed the difference in presentation styles relating to the palm of your hand and how having a palm-up approach shows openness, and palm-down shows directness and pointing whilst talking or presenting portrays bossiness.


  • Leanne Di’Fazio asked – “Is there a body language user guide that would help small business owners? Allan Pease responded. That outside of the tips and tricks he presented tonight the book titled “Definitive book of body language.” This is the tool he would recommend to business owners looking to investigate the world of body language.
  • Rob Elliott asked – ‘We are taught to mirror body language, do you agree, or is there a better determination for connecting when communicating with someone? Allan Pease responded. Yes, body mirroring within a conversation can build rapport with this person subconsciously. Tip – if someone does not agree with you, they will not mirror your body language. Tip – Intentionally mirror body language to create a rapport. This was also demonstrated with Garth Lewis from Alpha IT.
  • Eric Kontos asked – ‘Are handshakes different for different sexes? Allan responded. He questioned if anyone else in the room was told by their father to never put their hand out to a lady. Allan Demonstrated with Anne Parnham – President, that in a business situation, a female is to be treated as such like any other person within the room. Answer in business situation 100% yes, it is not defined by sex or gender. In a social setting always match the majority.

Lucky Door Prize

Books Donated by Allan Pease

  • Sarah Searle – Rotary Club of Gregory Hills
  • Kylie Lyons – Handprint Photography
  • Steven Hall

Kelly Partners Silver Sponsor – Lucky Door Prizes

  • Vince Brancati – Varroview Homes
  • Sue-Anne Collins Guardian Funerals

Pereira Century 21 Bronze Sponsor – Lucky Door Prize

  • Rodney Von Clarke – Flagstaff

Hamper Culture – Luck Door Prize

  • Maureen Thorpe – Maureen Thorpe Civil Celebrant

Closing Remarks – Anne Parnham

Anne thanked our in-kind sponsors.

  • Handprint Photography – Kylie Lyons
  • Brick Studios – Daniel Fenech
  • Alpha IT – Garth Lewis
  • Tony Wolf and Sons Printing – Ian Wolf
  • Hamper Culture – Peta Borg
  • Private Drivers Online – Tony Bonano

The next meeting will be March 13th with Lucy Bloom as our guest speaker ‘Doing Business Differently’8:49 PM 

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8:45 PM.