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June 2024 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Wednesday 12th June 2024

Held at Rydges Campbelltown

Meeting opened at 6:33pm

Welcome – President – Anne Parnham.

Welcome everyone please take your seats we are about the start our dinner meeting.

Housekeeping: please put your phones on silent and the toilets are:……………….

My name is Anne Parnham and I have the honour of being the president of The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce.

I would like to welcome our VIPS

              Adriana Care       Former President and Life Member

              Ian Wolf                 Life Member

              Pania Gregson    VP of Wollondilly Chamber of Commerce

              Stephen Grabowski  Former President of our chamber

And all our members and guests and our speaker Gemma Acton

And a big thank you to all our sponsors for being part of this great chamber.


Tony Perich AM  Life Member

Luisa Gaetani    Chamber Secretary                    

At this point I would like to inform all members and guests that The Greater Narellan Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit organisation made up entirely of volunteers giving their time during and out of working hours to enable the chamber to continue and unlike a lot of other chambers of commerce our board members pay for their meeting tickets we don’t get anything for free  and as president i take the conflict of interest part of our constitution very seriously.

Can I now introduce our current board please stand

Roland Blackstone        VP and Governance

Karina Rauch                    Treasurer

Sandra Bartlett                Membership

Rachel Elliott                    Events Director

Lisa Hamilton                  Marketing

Carla upfill                         Meetings

Jason Haworth                Sponsorship

There are pamphlets on your table to see what is happening with our chamber.

Our secretary’s report is on our website and our financial report is on your table for you to look over and if you have any questions please refer to our treasurer Karina Rauch.

A lot of members do not have their business details on our website. So please when you have a moment go to the website and enter your details so other members can contact you. There is no point just putting your name there only. I would like to remind you all that we have our Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn pages that you can all join especially the members only Facebook page where you can put items of interest for other members to see.

We had our thank god it’s Friday at Gregory Hills hotel which was well attended and thank you to John Payne and his staff for putting that on.

I attended the round table event organised by Sally Quinnell MP discussing the Camden emergency resilience services. A very good event that will have a great outcome.

I attended the Mater Dei luncheon, congratulations on such a fantastic event with $120k raised. I was not able to attend the Kids of Macarthur event which also was big success and congratulations Kenzie and your team.

I attended the Business NSW council meeting in Chifley Square a couple of weeks ago and spoke about the Macarthur Wollondilly challenges and the fact that we feel a bit neglected here and we would like to get more attention and I believe business western sydney will be focusing on our area more now. Their budget luncheon next Thursday is happening due to this.

I attended the volunteer day at Lifeline which was a room full of happy faces. Veronica Macdonald has done a remarkable job with Lifeline she even got myself and my daughter on her gala committee, well done.

IC Care had their volunteer day in May also I couldn’t attend but they look after their volunteers too and I am sure there would have been other groups celebrating volunteer week also. Anyone???

I attended the Regional Advisory council last week in parramatta where I was able to promote the ‘Macarthur Wollondilly region which hopefully will result in more attention to this area. The University of New England gave a report on education in the workforce which was interesting.

Camden council will be hosting a women of camden round table next Thursday and then in the afternoon Business NSW have the state treasurer coming to give a budget report.

I will now introduce Sandy Bartlett for Membership.

Membership update – Sandra Bartlett

Member Spotlight Presentation

  • George Gatt from the Office Builders

New member introduction:

  • Brian Shortt – IP Solved (ANZ) Pty Ltd
  • Broadstreet Finance

Member Shoutouts:

Wendy White spoke about Amy Woodley

Maureen Thorpe spoke about Kylie Lyons Photography

Sponsorship presentations – Introduced by Jason Haworth

Handprint Photography – Kylie Lyons

What’s on – Roland Blackstone

Details are on the Chambers website however noted:

  • Youth Solutions Ladies Movie Night – 20 May
  • The Blind Sea premiere – 11 June (Daniel from Brick Studios put this together)
  • Lifeline Gala – 22 June
  • Black & White Ball
  • South Western Sydney Awards
  • Kids of Macarthur Ball in June. Tickets sold out however raffle tickets are still available to purchase to contribute to this event.
  • Kids of Macarthur also have a gift wrapping service for Mother’s Day from Thursday to Saturday at Macarthur Square.  


Gemma Acton “Economic Resilience” – Introduced by Carla

Q & A segment

Thank you gift was given to Gemma by Carla.

Lucky Door Prize

Lucky door prize of a head shot photo shoot with Handprint Photography won by Veronique from Carrington

Bottle of wine from the chamber won by Antonella Ianni

Bottle of wine from the chamber won by Ian Wolf.

Closing Remarks – Anne

Reminded everyone that the sheet with the membership packages was on their table, and encouraged everyone to look at/organize their membership packages.

Anne thanked our sponsors, speaker, venue and attendees.

The next meeting will be 10th July with Scott Taylor presenting at Camden Valley Inn.

Meeting closed at 8:45pm with further networking.