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General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

10 May 2023
Held at Wests Lakeside Golf Club, Camden

The meeting was opened at 6.30pm

Welcome & President’s Report – Anne Parnham, President

Anne welcomed everyone to the meeting, Life Member Tony Perich AM and Cathy Perich, former President and Life Member Adriana Care, sponsors, members, guests and the evenings guest speaker Kirk Duncan.

She updated the meeting on what’s been happening:

  • Looking at the structure and roles and responsibilities of The Executive Board and their commitments.
  • The Greater Narellan Business Chamber is a not for profit organisation made up entirely of volunteers giving their time during and out of working hours to enable the Chamber to continue.  There isn’t anyone standing to gain financially from being on the Board and  as President, Anne takes the conflict of interest part of the Constitution very seriously.  She invited the members of the Board that were present stand up.  She asked that if any members have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to them.  She also informed members that all the Board members pay for their tickets to all these events held by the Chamber.
  • Minutes of previous meetings and the Treasurers Report are available on the Chamber’s website.
  • Anzac Day Dawn Service at Camden was very impressive with a huge crowd attending and then afterwards the 2up at Camden RSL and Menangle Country Club, Gregory Hills Hotel also had a successful day.
  • Governance Course – also attended by Sandra Bartlett.  This helps to keep the Board uptodate with all the latest changes in Board rules and regulations.
  • Attended a meeting with CAWS (Chambers Alliance of Western Sydney) where 33 Chambers meet and learn from each other and discuss their concerns that affect our members, the next meeting is the 5th of September.
  • Attended the Business NSW Regional Advisory Council meeting and we discussed many things including what is now being referred to as “long covid in business” where an article was in the Daily Telegraph about the topic discussed.  It basically says that many business owners have become a bit complacent with regards to dealing with the changes and negative media happening at the moment.  So many people are accepting their struggle to get staff, to be able to get staff back to their offices rather than working from home and finally the never ending negative publicity on the rate rises and the ongoing affects.  Unfortunately, its only time that will tell us how best to deal with this situation.
  • A reminder that Superannuation Guarantee contributions go up to 11% on the 1st of July and iCare (workers compensation) will be going up by 15% also.  Please ensure all your paperwork is up to date and correct.
  • There is a summary by Business NSW on each table with regards to the recent Federal Budget handed down.
  • Had a meeting with Veronica from Lifeline Macarthur who are celebrating 60 years and a function to promote that will be on What’s On.
  • The Executive Board will be attending the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce event at Warwick Farm next Monday to get the update and information about the airport and its effect on local businesses.
  • Attended the Police forum at Narellan Police Station.  There were representatives from so many different organisations including our members John from Gregory Hills Hotel, Barry from Jones XL, and our new NSW State Member Sally Quinnell.  I asked her about our Premier’s Breakfast.
  • It’s getting closer to the end of financial year, time to be looking over your financials to ensure everything is going along well and mindful of the future months that the financial sector is promoting as doom and gloom, let’s hope this is not the case.
  • Anne asks that if there is any feedback, please contact her at


Judy Hannan, NSW State Member for Wollondilly
Sandra Bartlett, Membership Director, Stairway 2 Dreams
Carla Upfill, Meetings Director, Carrington Care
Natalie Balabka, Events Director, Club Menangle
Kelly Stanford, Sponsorship Director, Stanfords Solicitors
Ian Wolf, Tony Wolf & Son Quality Printers
John Payne, Gregory Hills Hotel

Membership Update – Karina Rauch, Treasurer

New member introductions:

  • Mainspec Plumbing
  • Marvel Care Australia
  • New Vision Co

Member Spotlight Draw for June

  • Lilly of 4K Automotive

Member Facebook Draw:

  • Susan Johnson of Finance 4 Growth

Member Shout Outs

  • Joshua Zigori of Gem Complete Health Services acknowledged Garth Lewis from Alpha IT
  • George Gatt of The Office Builders acknowledged Byron Clima from Sydney Drafting Concepts
  • Geoff Ellis of the Macarthur BDC acknowledged Guardian Funerals

Sponsorship Update – Anne Parnham

Silver Sponsor presentation      Access Law Group

Bronze Sponsor presentation   Start Fresh Accounting

InKind Sponsors                            Brick Studios
                                                      Handprint Photography

What’s On – Roland Blackstone, Secretary

  • WASABE Awards – entries close 26 May 2023
  • Youth Solutions Movie Night on 11 May at Events Cinemas Campbelltown
  • Reimagining Brain Health 8-12 May at Bankstown Central Shopping Centre
  • Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation Corporate Golf Day on 12 May
  • Employment Law & HR Changes Workshop by Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers on 24 May
  • Lifeline White Gala Dinner on Friday, 26 May
  • Lifeline Macarthur & Western Sydney 60th Anniversary Diamond Ball on Saturday, 17 June
  • 13th World Chambers Congress on 21-23 June
  • Youth Solutions Denim and Diamonds 2023 Charity Event on 22 July

Details about the above What’s On are available on the Chambers website.

Networking Break

At the commencement of the networking break all tables were asked to volunteer a speaker, the speaker then gathered brief information of who was at their table and their business and introductions were done throughout the room. 

2023-2024 Chamber Sponsorship Packages

Speaker Presentation

Anne introduced Kirk Duncan of The Mobile Apps Man and ForensicXR who spoke about Harnessing AI for your business.

  • ChatGPT sprints to 1 million users in 5 days (Nov 2022)
  • Bing AI also a big contender in the field of AI.
  • The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy
  • Generative AI – a type of AI that uses Machine Learning algorithms to create content such as images, video, text and audio.


  • Cameron Finlayson of Rion Capital Investments asked does AI have the potential to make us less intelligent.
    • For a young person its open to cheating.  What do we need to teach our children to use this tech for good.
  • Tony Perich commented that AI is important for farmers.  Who is going to feed and work the country if people use AI?
    • Technology not there yet.  In the not too distant future machinery will be able to be co-ordinated from the office.
  • Geoff Ellis of the Macarthur BDC asked about the future of AI
    • There are fears of where AI could go and the need to keep working on/with it for the good.
  • Kim Meredith of Kelly Partners asked what Apps for talk to text
    • Kirk referred to Geoff Ellis for the Apps he uses
  • Ganesh Bhomick of Number Solutions Tax asked where tech will be in 35 years?
    • Smart contact lenses, industrial metaverse, robotics
  • Tamlyn Van Zyst mentioned (takes notes and summarises)
    • Children will use and change when they leave school, do what you like now and see where the future leads and be good at it.

Lucky Door Prize

The Handrpint Photography gift was won by Sue-Anne Collings of Guardian Funerals

The Access Law Group gift was won by Maureen Thorpe

The Brick Studios gift was won by Byron Clima of Sydney Drafting Concepts

Closing Remarks – Anne Parnham

Anne thanked everyone for attending and to travel home safely. 

The next general meeting will be on June 14th at Rydges Campbelltown with guest speaker Gemma Acton, the Network Finance Editor at 7 News, on Thriving in a Changing Economy. 

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.40pm.