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Chris Minns MP Breakfast Meeting

28 November 2022
Held at Menangle Country Club

The meeting was opened at 8.40am

Welcome & President’s Report – Steve Moore, President

Steve welcomed everyone to the meeting and acknowledged the traditional owners of the land.  He welcomed the guest speaker Chris Minns MP Leader of the NSW Opposition and Member for Kogarah, Mark Buttigieg MLC, Greg Warren MP Member for Campbelltown, local Mayors Cr George Greiss Mayor for Campbelltown, and Matt Gould Mayor of Wollondilly.  Steve welcomed and thanked Jim Marsden OAM for all his continued support of the Chamber.  And welcomed Club Menangle Director Bill Ellis OAM, Chamber Life Member Ian Wolf, Life Members of Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce Anne Parnham, Ian Fulton and Gerald Keneally, and Carlene Cardona the President of the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce.  Steve also thanked the members of the Chambers and guests for attending this great opportunity for the region to have access to a potential alternative leader of the State Government where there will be an election in March 2023.

Chambers of commerce are apolitical organisations, regardless of political views they are keen to work with any side of politics to advocate on behalf of local businesses.  The Chamber membership heard from the State Government earlier in 2022 and so now keen to also provide the opportunity for local businesses to ask questions of the alternative Government prior to polling day.  The meeting heard from the leader of the opposition in a regional focus, but it is planned to conduct a panel meeting of the candidates for Camden for a more specific local focus closer to March 2023.

The format of the event was very simple, the leader of the opposition gave a short speech before taking questions from the floor.  Steve explained how the roving microphone would work for Q&A.  He then introduced the guest speaker; some key points were:

  • Infrastructure where the growth is
  • Privatisation – Toll roads – monopoly of ownership
  • Education – Teacher shortage, convert 10,000 teachers to full time, TAFE


  • Carlene Cardona asked about Chris Minns legacy to be known for
    • Education
  • Anne Parnham asked about the new airport, M5 and M7 roads, and vocational guidance in schools
    • Announcements before election day on the airport and roads.  No fairness with roads and transport infrastructure, lack of skilled labour and now build up, labour shortages.
  • Judith Hannan asked about raising the Warragamba Dam Wall
    • Not signing up for it, engineering won’t fix the flooding, proposed evacuation routes for residents, development of flood plains.
  • Angus Dawson of Cameron Brae asked about planners and infrastructure for sewer, water and roads, restrictions on sewerage treatment plant
    • Fair distribution of supply, 5 Departments needed in planning – complicated and regulatory, infrastructure – schools, hospitals and roads.
  • Debbie Yee asked about trains, intercity fleet, build trains in NSW
    • NSW has domestic manufacturing capability and will welcome bids for future jobs, convinced can make it work.
  • Tony Bonanno asked about safety for car pick up/drop off – prioritise passenger safety
    • Agreed yes, and hidden cameras and road safety
  • Chris Patterson commended the Opposition on its actions towards teachers
    • Thanked Chris P, also need to look at where they are needed, will abolish mobile phones in schools in school time.
  • Suzy Brandstater asked about the city at Wilton coming, land for school but not building it yet
    • Doesn’t know of Wilton specifics – take question on notice.
  • Sandra Bartlett asked about floodings and car damage, where is the money to deal with life
    • No miracle solution for this level of emergencies but need to learn and not continue to make the same mistakes, effective reform.
  • Matt Gould asked about roads and flooding damage
    • Need to get the remaining 15,000 of roads transferred to the NSW Government from local – currently only 90kms done, working on a policy.

Closing Remarks – Steve Moore

Steve thanked everyone attending and supporting this breakfast meeting, especially Chris Minns the guest speaker. 

The next meeting of both the Chambers will be the Christmas Party being held on December 16th from 6pm at Ottimo House.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.35am.

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