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November General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

14 November 2018
Held at Harrington Grove Country Club

The meeting was opened at 6.45pm.

1.  Welcome – Shaun Pereira, President

Shaun welcomed to the final general meeting for 2018 Chamber members, guests and life members and acknowledged and thanked guest speaker, Nicole Eckels.

2.  Apologies

No apologies were noted.

3.  President’s Report

Shaun advised:

  • that on 12 December the Christmas Party will be at Enzo’s Camden in John Street
  • congratulations to Geolyse on their recent merger
  • welcome to the new members
  • introducing a new segment – local updates
  • Christmas in Narellan on Saturday – most successful event
  • thanked the CIN Committee and the Sponsors

4.  Secretary’s Report – Jean Galloway, Secretary

Jean advised the minutes from 10 October 2018 were on the website and were moved by Kaisha Gambell, seconded by Amy Woodley and accepted.  No business arising from those minutes.

5.  Treasurer’s Report – Amy Woodley, Treasurer

Amy presented the Treasurer’s Report as at 31 October 2018.  $15,525.55 deficit for October 2018.  Balance in the main account is currently $7,866.24.  Expenses still coming in for Christmas in Narellan.  The report was moved by Ian Wolf and seconded by Pania Gregson and accepted.

6.  Membership Update – Renee Garcia, Membership Co-ordinator

Renee advised there are 177 financial members and welcomed 3 new members:

  • AM Financial
  • Bridgestone Select, Gregory Hills
  • Local & Co Hampers

Member’s spotlight videos were shown by AceIt, Hillross Financial, and Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancers.

Member’s spotlight for the next meeting are Clintons, Strictly Limited and Pearl Studio.

Member’s Facebook promo draw was successfully won by Natalie Campbell of The Assistant for You.

Renee also reminded those members present to join the Member Only Facebook Group.

7.  Business Tip – Sandra Bartlett

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Balance and lifestyle
  • Time audit – 30 minute blocks over 7 days
  • List not negotiables such as take children to school, dinner with the family, etc
  • Day 8 review the time audit

8.  What’s On – Elisha Crismale

Elisha advised the following upcoming events:

  • Chamber Christmas party on December 12th at 6pm at Enzo’s Italian Restaurant, John Street, Camden
  • Youth Solutions – Media launch of 2018-2019 Safer Celebrations campaign at 10.30am on Friday, 16 November at Campbelltown Catholic Club
  • Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce – next meeting on Wednesday, 21 November at Club Menangle

Elisha also read out some information form the South Western Sydney Domestic Violence Alliance regarding their Workplace Charter for the Prevention and Response to Domestic and Family Violence.

9.  Local Update – Shaun Pereira

Debbie Roberts provided an update on CRET:

  • Export capability workshop – free to attend, more jobs closer to home
  • Facebook page now live
  • Website before Christmas – coming soon
  • 2019 exciting year for the community

10.  Sponsorship Update – Sue Robinson, Sponsorship Director

11.  Gold Sponsor Presentation – Geolyse

Greg, Warren, Matt and Pat spoke about the following:

  • Now merged with Premise of Queensland
  • Talked about what excites them in business in South West Sydney

12.  Guest Speaker – Nicole Eckels of Glasshouse Fragrances

Nicole told her story of living in New York USA as a teenager wanting to buy a pair of sneakers, so she sold friendship bracelets, candy and cookies.  Then over time grew up, changed careers and travelled – and ended up living in Australia.

She went to David Jones in Elizabeth Street, Sydney and couldn’t find a scented candle – idea was born.

Nicole did the basic business plan and ended up becoming a manufacturer as there wasn’t anyone and started Circa Home which is a home/nesting family brand.  Her candles, fragrance range, etc is available locally at Habitania in Narellan.

They focus on the need for “our” customer – female aged 31.  They don’t age with her – they redesign to always focus on a female aged 31.  They strive to deliver excellent customer service.

Nicole talked about building systems and processes and have them in the thread of the business – a “moat” to protect against competitors.

What have I learned:

  • Help and be helped – surround yourself with similar journey people and make time to get inspired.
  • Good leadership is critical – tell people what you want, define the goal and timeframes.
  • I cannot do everything myself nor should I. Put the right people in the right roles.
  • Be proactive and practice future gazing.

13.  Lucky Door Prizes

Donated by Gregory Hills Hotel and Geolyse – won by Geoff Gatt of The Office Builders, Josephine Burns-Lunar of Restore Balance, Brooke Manzione of Youth Solutions, and Felicity Hughes of Caldwell Martin Cox.

14.  Closing Remarks – Shaun Pereira

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 at Enzo Italian Restaurant, John Street, Camden – Christmas meeting – arrival from 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start.

Shaun thanked everyone involved in getting the meeting ready for tonight and the members and guests for attending another great meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.00pm.

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