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Federal Election Panel Meeting

5 May 2022
Held at Club Menangle Trackside

The meeting was opened at 7.30am

Welcome & President’s Report – Steve Moore, President

Steve welcomed everyone to the meeting.  He welcomed Life Members Ian Wolf and Adriana Care, Camden Councillor Cindy Cagney, Wollondilly Councillor Matt Deeth and Jim Marsden OAM. 

Steve explained the purpose of this breakfast panel meeting and its format.


Steve introduced the Hume Federal Election candidates.  As each one approached the stage they drew a speaking number:

  1. Penny Ackery – Independent
  2. Angus Taylor – Liberal Party
  3. Garry Dollin – United Australia Party
  4. Joaquim De Lima – Liberal Democratic Party
  5. Sheneli Dona – Independent
  6. Rebecca Thompson – Paul Hanson’s One Nation Party
  7. Ross Seller – Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

Apologies were received from:

  • Greg Baines – Australian Labor Party
  • Karen Stewart – The Greens

Panel Moderator – Jim Marsden OAM

Jim again thanked everyone for their attendance.  He explained the rules, the format and the expectations of the panel meeting.

The Candidates Speeches occurred for a maximum of 4 minutes each in the order 1-7 as drawn above.

Panel Q&A – Jim Marsden OAM

  • Angus Taylor – Unemployment rate and what deems the definition of unemployment
  • Rebecca Thompson – Family Law system reform
  • Joaquim De Lima – Oversee Government outreach worse for everyone
  • Sheneli Dona – Citizen centric consultant – is it good for governance
  • Garry Dollin – Confine home loan interest rates to 3% for 5 years
  • Penny Ackery – Regulation for small business
  • Angus Taylor – Cost of living

Audience Q&A

  • To Angus Taylor – Fuel supplies security
  • To Angus Taylor and Penny Ackery from Charles Sims – Renewable energy
  • To Angus Taylor and Sheneli Dona – R&D and innovation, joining the dots
  • To Angus Taylor and Garry Dollin from Suzy Brandstater – Growth rates and infrastructure
  • To Angus Taylor and Penny Ackery from Debbie Dewbery – Telecommunications expansion
  • To Sheneli Dona from Raad Richards – Election campaign misinformation re Aged Care
  • To Ross Seller from Michael Baume – Defence spending
  • To Garry Dollin from Chris Patterson – Realism and realistic policy

Each Candidate was then given 1 minute to sum up their position.  The order was:

  1. Penny Ackery
  2. Angus Taylor
  3. Garry Dollin
  4. Joaquim De Lima
  5. Sheneli Dona
  6. Rebecca Thompson
  7. Ross Seller

Closing Remarks – Steve Moore

Steve thanked everyone attending and supporting this Federal Election Panel breakfast meeting, especially Jim Marsden for being the moderator, the panelists and Club Menangle. 

The next general meeting will be on 11 May at Menangle Country Club with guest speaker Rod Stowe, former Fair Trading Commissioner.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.02am.

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