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2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes

13 October 2021
Held by Zoom Online

The meeting was opened at 5.32pm.

Welcome – Shaun Pereira, President

Shaun welcomed everyone to the AGM, thank you for bearing with the Chamber as this meeting is held by Zoom given the current COVID lockdown situation.  Shaun also welcomed life members Ian Wolf, Adriana Care and Tony Perich AM.

Thank you Sandra Bartlett, for being the technical person for this meeting.


Peter Sidgreaves, NSW Member for Camden
Wests Group Macarthur
Raad Richards, Carrington Care

Outgoing Presidents Report presented by Shaun Pereira

Took over the President’s role 3 years ago, previously had other roles on the Board and knew he had some big shoes to fill.  The team has progressed together.  Thank the members for counsel and guidance and all fellow Board members for trust, confidence and support.  We have strengthened relations with key stakeholders, raised the brand awareness of the Chamber locally, increased member engagement, new initiatives, navigated this current global pandemic.  The Chamber has come out financially stable. 


Returning Officer, Anne Parnham welcomed members and advised that given the Zoom style of AGM that a third party online voting company TrueVote had been used.  Thank you to True Vote for all your assistance.  Anne also congratulated the outgoing Board on a successful year.

Acceptance of 2020 AGM Minutes

Secretary, Carla Upfill, asked for someone to move that the Minutes of the 2020 AGM be accepted.  Moved by Sandra Bartlett, seconded by Pania Gregson and accepted.

2021 Financial Year Financial Report

Treasurer, Karina Rauch, presented the audited accounts for the 2021 financial year.  She thanked John Dickie & Co for their co-operation in getting the audit completed for the AGM and advised they were a true and accurate record.  The Report was moved by Shaun Pereira, seconded by Tony Perich and accepted.

Election of Board of Directors

Anne declared all positions vacant.  Nominations were called, and received for all roles as follows:

  • President – Steve Moore
  • Vice President – Josephine Byrnes-Luna
  • Treasurer – Karina Rauch
  • Secretary – Roland Blackstone
  • Membership Director – Sandra Bartlett and Steve Grabowski
  • Events Director – Brad Martino
  • Sponsorship Director – Jeanette Griffiths
  • Governance Director – Jean Alim
  • Marketing Director – Kirsti Reynolds
  • Meeting Director – Carla Upfill

As the role of Membership Director had 2 nominations, Anne advised the results of the TrueVote Poll was Sandra Bartlett 84.38% and Steve Grabowski 15.63% – Sandra Bartlett elected Membership Director.

As only one nomination was received for all other positions, Anne declared that all these positions have been filled. 


Incoming Presidents Report presented by Steve Moore

Thank you Anne, for being the Returning Officer.  Looking forward to when we can have a face-to-face meeting.  Thank you to the outgoing Board Directors, 20 years of combined experience – Shaun Pereira (President), Leanne Wolf (Events), Sue Robinson (Sponsorship), Pania Gregson (Special Projects) and Damian Bleeker (Marketing).  Welcome to the new Board – those returning and newly elected.  Unfortunately the “dreaded virus” has disproportionately affected Western and South Western Sydney, putting restrictions on both personal lives and business, extreme pressure on you our members.  In the coming weeks we will be able to reopen gradually.  The purpose of the Chamber is to support each other through collective advocacy, a NFP organisation run by members for members.  We look forward to exciting times in the greater Narellan area with sustained residential development growth and the imminent Aerotropolis development.  It is our aim to construct a multi-year strategic plan that will clearly show our objectives.

There being no further business, the AGM and meeting was declared closed at 5.53pm.

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